Nursing Scholarships for High School Seniors

 Nursing Scholarships for High School Seniors-Part 5

In this article you will learn about Nursing Scholarships for High School Seniors.

One of the most important fields of study is the medical profession. Nursing scholarships for high school seniors help you achieve your goal of entering this type of career. Nurses are important to the welfare of the world and would be a noble cause to pursue.

Along with strong academic skills, there is a list of other criterion that may be requested that you meet before you can apply for nursing scholarships for high school seniors. The scholarships are available from private foundations, universities and a host of other sponsors. For instance, The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is awarded for those students who demonstrate a real financial need and enrolled with an accredited school of nursing. This scholarship is renewable annually.

The Daughters of the Revolution offer this scholarship. Other nursing scholarships from DAR include the Occupational/Physical Therapy Scholarship and awards students who are in financial need and have been accepted to an accredited school of occupational therapy. Occupational therapy can include art, music and physical therapy. If you have been diagnosed with a learning disability then The Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Scholarship can be awarded to you if you plan on pursuing an undergraduate degree.

The award is for $10,0000 for nursing students are eligible to apply. For something a little less specialized you can join the Army ROTC which also has a nursing program for high school seniors. The ROTC will give students $300-$500 monthly stipends for additional expenses beyond the full tuition scholarship it offers. One requirement is that you serve in the military to be awarded the nursing scholarships for high school seniors.

Areas such as Akron, Amarillo and Atlanta have location specific nursing scholarships available for high school graduates. Each program, no matter where you apply, will have a different set of criteria to be met. When you fill out your paperwork to apply be certain with yourself that you have completed everything. Oftentimes if you are missing something from your application packet, your scholarship will be rejected. While academics play a role in qualifications for scholarships, some may not require a perfect GPA.

For most college or university bound applicants funds can be the main barrier to completing their college degree; normal fee every year at a public College is $16,140 and $36,993 at a Private University. The competition to get into and finance College or university degree hasn’t been tougher with several million High School Students annually trying to get a shrinking number of freshman open positions. The good thing is there are literally Billions of college scholarship dollars obtainable.

Getting into and pay for college is a huge challenge. Winning a Scholarship is not easy but it is worth it in the long run.  The key is to keep trying.  There are many techniques for getting the most out of your efforts.  Go download our eBook series on all the pieces to the college puzzle.

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